Up-Cycle Pop!

Closet full of CDs broken jewelry pieces old clocks radios flip phones paint and glitter waiting to be reborn as the most fabulous wind-chimes and Tchotchkes Gift shopping dilemma solved If I could just find my glue gun

Diamante – Current/Outdated

Prompt 17, Hour 17 Write a poem about a form of technology that is obsolete or is headed that way. The technology could just be referred to in passing, like a telephone booth, or it could be a CD that is the focal point of…

Oh, Power Lines!

You try and try to stay alive! But, none can beat the sun. Just lay a strip for miles and miles In stone we’ve laid before. Some brilliant child of how’s and why’s Will know how to explore. It’s up to us to educate And…

1:00 AM – LPs – (Hour 17) – DONE

rotating rasping static coasting through melodic grooves taped coins for head balance moving steady past subtle scratches black vinyl formed to share Saturday morning clean up tunes      

Distance Learning

I told the eight year-old to save the document using the square in the corner. She asked, “The camera?” I said no.   It was once called a floppy disk, but don’t worry about that now. Now, it is just a square. She asked again:…

Glee (1:00 AM) – edit done (Hour 17)

~ D², @d2poetry Laughter renders me completely transparent expressions most honest be it about hilarity mischievousness nervousness or being sardonic ~ D², 06.23.19, 1:18 AM Copyright D Squared Poetry, 2019. © All Rights Reserved

Fear of Flying

Soaring high in the big blue sky You smelled like adventure with a quiet smile and aviator glasses We all waited and anticipated Eagerly awaiting Tales of travel and mystery One day you never made it home Nothing was returned I will never trust airplanes

Run Away with Me

I ask myself Where would we run to? A foreign country. A place across the pond. Start a new life, with new names. Would we miss the old one too much? The friends and family left behind. Memories from a years long ago. What would…