Strung together deep Floating along the currents Wait in silent blue (Hour 19/Haiku)


A school is not a building but a community Stitched together with hundreds of hearts and minds All working to the same ends at the same time A unique combination of energy and souls That doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world And will never…

Wearing a Mask

In this time of COVID-19, Loneliness creeps in to the farthest recesses making it difficult, if not impossible to stay connected to stay positive to remain part of something bigger. Not often am I concerned about having control allowing the natural course of things Social…

Black Lives Always Matter (hour 19, prompt 19)

We’re far too many to be silenced Though we only need one voice We’re going to make a difference We’re not giving them a choice Black lives always matter Each and every one And we’ll never stop our movement Until real change is being done….

Graceful Siphonophore Apolemia

There she glides Gracefully she glides Silently she waits She waits for surprises In the depth of the ocean She rests peacefully While everyone is unguarded She’ll attack innocently

Hour Nineteen

  The eye with its frayed edges, something in me can deeply unfold   Source: A collage+ erasure poem composed from the cutouts of the Traveller Magazine Series.


I turn into myself. I turn into you. Together we’re telling a new kind of truth. We’re stronger together than we’ve been on our own. And the best part is that we are never alone.

The Great Sea Monster

I thought I’ve seen it all. Blimey! God was a master creator. Within the belly of the sea, Lies a creature the inhabitants Of the sea dare not speak of. A creature made of the complex beast Extinct by science. The longest creature in the…

A bunch full of flowers in the hands Colorful and beautiful Flow out to spread fragrance In the house A bunch full of thoughts in the mind Wise and wonderful Flow out to spread brilliance In the conscience A bunch full of virtues in the…


Dear Dad, I forgot to ask you – Parent to parent – What was the point? I don’t understand. You were a hardworking and diligent person. You found honor in providing for your family. Why so mean? So unapproachable? So…. juvenile? We weren’t in a…