Childhood within the Spaces

I. Toddler Years Slow to speak, they checked my ears. I had nothing important to say. II.Visitors People are scary. They’d come at night in large groups, small groups in the day. Stay close to mom at all times. III. Storms From 8 to 16…

Tale of Childhood

1. After a dark night, There’s a surmise. Although the moon is bright And the stars infinite, With the darkness I fight. 2. After a hug tight, There’s a surprise. Although the kiss is just right And the smiles infinite, The love gives me a…

#23 The Slow March of Time

But, of course, you know I miss you you can see me down below in an instant I am weepy just a moment left to go before all who stand above me and to all still in the show come together in my presence and…


I dreamed of time spent with you Nestled to my chest Soft and new I ache with longing to see you Hold you again In my arms I give thanks to pictures To help pass the time until I see you again    


I miss those paper boats We used to make on rainy days And those magic shows We used to watch in a daze. I miss those story books We used to read every day And those art and craft lessons Where we butchered the clay….