My painting- it hangs On the wall above my bed The first gift I ever got (Hour 24/Haiku)

My Gift (hour 24, prompt 24)

All my life I’ve had a gift A way with precious words That when the right ones come to me I put them into verse If I try to force it Or change it, just like that If I try to make it different I’ll…

The Gifts

I always thought it best to say The salient gifts you gave to me One of these is the gift of love that I enjoy it’s nice to have Another one that came from you Is trust I know I earned so true You trust…

The Marble

When she was just two  almost three,  Grace helped Grandpa John In the garden, as happy as can be. Near the carrots, Oh, they weren’t nearly as grown, Grace found a gift She could keep as her very own. She unearthed a marble, buried long…

A Thank You Note to Mum

The gift I treasure most Is our compendium of memories Enough stories to span centuries But collected in just a few decades Like individual jewels in priceless accessories.

Hour Twenty Four- Sunrise

The ruby and the sunrise are one. Nothing can help me but that beauty.   Every night, bewildered in love. You laugh like the sun coming up, laughs at a star that disappears into it.   To praise the sun is to praise your own…


Thank you Poetry Marathon. In addition to the bragging rights, I can say I’ve learnt a lot. This gift is priceless. Goodbye, till next year.

Her thoughts were, at times, volatile Although he knew her for a while To him, she appeared sublime And thought of her thoughts as a chime Fallen for her smile He wished; for him, she walk down the aisle Weird as she was, She had…

Born to Run

Poets in the Marathon. Yes, we were born to run. Finishing slow, fast, weak and strong. Yes, we were born to run. Any way you can, Yes, we were born to run.

Hour twenty four

Outside my window   A clothes line on which I’ve hung hurriedly my towel and my t-shirt— wrinkled   A few flower pots with seasonal flowers— all colours   A white wall with fine cracks— revealing its grey body