Read between the lines

Touch me, Run your fingers up and down my spine, No room to be misunderstood, You must read between the lines. Wipe away that naughty look! Although you are in love with me, Keep in mind, I am only a book!  

Loner minus the lonely

Fortunately for her, she was a loner. Never concerning herself with the midnight luxuries so many chased, the constant need to remain fast paced, solitude was her place. What consumed her now was of thicker value. Tighter knots of wisdom and robust intellect. Speaking her…

#1 Morning Yearning.

The sun has risen, soaking me up in its light. I crave for a vision, and a song I heard last night. I need no words to rhyme, I need no lucky sign. Just a lovely smile to shine, by my side, in my sight.

True Colours

If Colours were all we had This would be a colourful world It takes time to know That not all that glitter’s is gold Sometimes the things you love It does not make any sense as it may not understand the colour of your love…

Naked Soul

The first drop is always the most courageous. Leaping from the hands of God, a place of perfection, Falling faster and faster, with the speed of no direction. Lack of malice, holding no contention, sweetly, softly, landing peacefully kissing my forehead, caressing away my tension….

She was the color

In a world of black and white, she was the color. By not her vivid beauty, yet by the smile, through her suffer. Poised in her position, authentic in her vision. Never altered by her ego, faithful to all her words written.        …

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