in those so-long-ago     days oh.     how felt born to dance with you i know     none      of those dance-dreams jiggled in you nor   loosened arms in tingling      wingling circles      about your hips   nor tilted the slight      quiver of a mouth alight with      unspeakable savor…

Hour #11 – My Dog Stares At Me

    Friends call it “stink eye.” He knows everything I think. Rarely leaves my side. It’s really not a stink eye stare. Just love, just love, just love.  

Dear Little Girl

poem 11 Dear little girl in a broken world that is fighting to dim your starlight, don’t let them hurt you or steal your joy just love them and show them what Christ’s like. -h.e.m.

Weekend Getaway

Campfires rage in a steel cold night. Coffee by the fireside and music that is right. The hush of the fog makes everything else stand still The moonbeam through the fir trees make the darkness more real. Just inside the cabin window there a canteen…

The Giver

Poem 9 The Giver of knowledge, Of love, Of truth, The Giver of Age Of wisdom, Of youth. The Giver of Life Has given me all. He paid for my sins Through His death On the cross -h.e.m.

Let me in

Let me in, darling Don’t lock me out I lost my spare key Took you for granted Let me in, darling A second chance Dark wolves encircle You are my safety

Enigma (A Shadorma, Hour Five)

Enigma Who are you? I still have no clue. Together for five years, I should know you by now but you’re my enigma.     (A shadorma consists of six lines with the syllable count of 3/5/3/3/7/5 respectively for each line.)

Sundoggy (Hour Four)

Sundoggy   Fuzzy blue arms fling past my face whipping wildly in the wind.   With tail wagging, she drops her blue baby in my lap as if presenting me with the Hope Diamond, and stares eagerly into my eyes, seeking their approval.   I…


Just above the valley Just beyond the hills Just outside of a sunken place Close by but not enough to feel If you stay afloat If you keep your sail If you stay inside of the boat Move forward without fail There are stars above…

The gift of Magic

It was revealed to me in a book one time and also in the stars I could feel it in my bones Some sounds were soft and sometimes far When I saw him I just knew it I recognized his eyes right away We both…