Night Creatures

The shadows have been eaten The eaters are named Vors Creatures from a world far above a world in dark, far aloof Handeys: little monsters from the same world see fragments of a faraway tomorrow Between the two live the Medil, formless no feet, no…

Believing In Unicorns

All the poets had a Unicorn Black or gold All the poems love themselves All the words have failed All the poets had an Unicorn

Visions Of Lands

Trust your rainbows dancing in our eyes Trust your unicorns dancing in the night Trust the poets dancing with madness of life

Solitude – Hour Twenty One

All alone in the quiet, while others are sleeping I sit and I softly reflect My life is so blessed, my heart filled with such pride For these blessings I’ve so much respect I am living a life I never thought could be With a…

About Nothing

Stars are sick Their light fades My soul degenerates How quick light sleeps Moon is so thick My heart is weak Loneliness has win today Reality has been proven a play similar to Much Ado About Nothing

A World Before Me – Hour Eighteen

I see a world before me, filled with all the brightest hues A far cry from the visions that are laid out on the news A rock amid so many more, so large and yet so small And yet, a place where goodness reins supremely…

Across the Sea – Hour Sixteen

I took a trip across the sea to find a treasure, new to me A gift of hope from years long gone, whose beauty smiles just like a song I walked awhile, I rode some more, then found my way upon the door Of those…

The World Around Me – Hour Fifteen

The scent of lavender fills the air Made heavy by summertime heat The carpet feels gritty, like a warm sandy beach Nestled roughly under my feet The hallway feels longer at this hour of day Each step growing tougher to make My eyes are now…

Invisible Boy – Hour Fourteen

My handsome invisible baby boy I’d be proud to call you “my son” If you were indeed mine, you would bring me such joy From the moment your life had begun I would raise you with guidance and a loving heart And teach you to…

What Is Artist

Artist means nothing Nothing means darkness Darkness means empty Empty means space Space means existence Artist means existence

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