He too

It’s a Brave new world for those with the guts to navigate it    

Missed it

We set out to cross the country in three days. Three of us and a new boyfriend in his car a sack full of cassettes And barely enough prerolled joints to make it all bearable We made it all the way to the canyon just eighty…


One breath We all breathe it together at the dawn of time and space there’s only one answer and t is yes

She knows

“The land knows you, even when you are lost“ And the water knows too Find yourself in the flow


Tresses on the floor reveal what once defined her beauty alone in the chair none of that matters now the pixie staring back at her wasn’t smiling and the mirror wasn’t lying She’d tip him anyway

Letter to My Fat Self

If only you knew I wish you could understand The power behind self love And your preciousness despite size Yes, you will take a lot of shit Grateful for scraps and tidbits From lovers who could never measure to your grace or wit or presence…

Running from concrete

The sparkle of the moonbeams danced in the reflection of this morning’s coffee The hush of the owls palpable in the air hanging like fog on  the misty lake One more sip of fresh water left in the canteen Damn I don’t know if I’ve…

Prompt 1-I am

9 pm, darkness encroaches. Sleep is an idea formless and forthcoming… I am ready. Just one more thing…   12 am, evening beckons. It is time for sleep, the cloud is ever-present. I am tired. Just need to finish up…   3 am, twilight shrouds…

The Road To Mass

This well-traveled road, I’ve traversed many a day. It leads me to the nuns to whom I bare my soul.     Highway nine-forty-five, is a simple, country road. Who knows the power, of this precious path?     I do. God does. And now…

Windows of My Soul

I look out and see the possibilities of my life.  A vast terrain that I’ve yet to explore.  It is growing and beautiful, ripe to be tilled.  There overhead flies an eagle showing me the heights that I can reach.  I hear the song. I…

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