My Love, I don’t need long romantic vacays To me, Life happens when we hold hands and run to catch buses & trains I don’t need roses, gifts or cards To me, Life happens when you hold me while crossing the road I don’t need…

Feeling Low

Oh, If I have been feeling low, feeling low, feeling low Leaps and Bounds emotions flow feeling low, feeling low, feeling low And if I ever lose my hope, going slow, stop to grow, Oh if I ever lose my hope, Oh if… I won’t…

Beware the Moonshadow

The old tales speak of the moonshadow, following after the farmers in full moon’s light Don’t be fooled by the reaper disguised, as the shadow cast by the full moon’s light   There’s work to do but it can wait Leave the plough, bring the…


Tonight, dark as nothing; Empty as empty. If I have to go on without any strength Left in my bones, just to keep up With this headache, I will. I know I’ll be in the company of the empty.  

Battery Life

A musician with no hands. A painter with no eyes.  A poet with no tongue. A lover with no love.   Victims of desire.   No charge. New charge.  Recharge.     Hour 10, Prompt 10 The Moonshadow Challenge

A Good Choice-Me

He prefers three things strictly: A good wife, a poet and a cup of coffee With these he can converse with anyone happily Disregards loud mouth and curses Curses that hurt and provide pains Hating unwise decisions and mess He chose me among the rest.