Black Lives Always Matter (hour 19, prompt 19)

We’re far too many to be silenced Though we only need one voice We’re going to make a difference We’re not giving them a choice Black lives always matter Each and every one And we’ll never stop our movement Until real change is being done….

Graceful Siphonophore Apolemia

There she glides Gracefully she glides Silently she waits She waits for surprises In the depth of the ocean She rests peacefully While everyone is unguarded She’ll attack innocently

The Great Sea Monster

I thought I’ve seen it all. Blimey! God was a master creator. Within the belly of the sea, Lies a creature the inhabitants Of the sea dare not speak of. A creature made of the complex beast Extinct by science. The longest creature in the…

The Entity

A curtain of deadly tentacles Roams the Indian Ocean.   Working together Each holding on to their one job.   The greater good succeeds The great individual.   As it grows and feeds down below, We break apart on land.   We fragment. We don’t…