One breath We all breathe it together at the dawn of time and space there’s only one answer and t is yes


Tresses on the floor reveal what once defined her beauty alone in the chair none of that matters now the pixie staring back at her wasn’t smiling and the mirror wasn’t lying She’d tip him anyway

Dear Baby Rach

Dear baby Rach, It really was OK for you to come when you did be who you were to get to who you are. Which is me now. It doesn’t really matter if it was a shock when you arrived. And you didn’t mean to…

Running from concrete

The sparkle of the moonbeams danced in the reflection of this morning’s coffee The hush of the owls palpable in the air hanging like fog on  the misty lake One more sip of fresh water left in the canteen Damn I don’t know if I’ve…

missed connections

I had plenty of time but he asked for too much of what I had money pomp and circumstance Seemed to be what mattered to him   For me it was the chance to move energy and see what happened when we did It was…


To be awake is knowing this isn’t real in the flash of the landing Fom there to here is a long way Let the mattress catch me if I fall  


  He tried not to disturb her sleep from mountains and rivers away so he didn’t call but she heard him anyway. in a dream… He wanted a kiss but didn’t press so she called him time makes no difference hearts know no distance and…


The critical voice is quite the crippling force don’t let it stop you


I don’t want your money or jewels or wind in my sails I won’t ask for the moon or the stars or shelter from either I just want to pray together for the sake of prayer we don’t have to agree on words or say anything at…


Awakening to the freshness I come in fully and with heart open to this new day giving giving giving to myself now… this is good…