Across the Sea – Hour Sixteen

I took a trip across the sea to find a treasure, new to me A gift of hope from years long gone, whose beauty smiles just like a song I walked awhile, I rode some more, then found my way upon the door Of those…


Poem TWENTY has been removed and now appears on chocolate is a verb, 18 August 2016.

Prompt 6: The Secret Sea Haibun

I didn’t intend to sleep. I simply longed for the ocean. Poor facsimile, I found a YouTube sound file–eleven hours of waves crashing on an anonymous beach. Earbuds in, I closed my eyes and fantasized of a castle on a shore in the mist, myself…

#3 – Mermaid

the ethreal sunlight flows down through the deep blue glass cascading brilliantly across my face i smile close my eyes tightly basking in the warmth shining below soaking in the rays as they dance on my cheeks glittering beneath the surface i crave this it…

Mirror of Life

The world is your open heart An awaken Heart is your Mirror Oneness with your life is your film All that surrounds you is your museum Bright eyes is your camera Always searching to give to everyone.