one by one

I’m up. I’m up. My eyes drift close again. I’m up! The house is quiet. Every one is asleep. As I struggle to pull words out One by one.


Poem TWENTY has been removed and now appears on chocolate is a verb, 18 August 2016.


Clarity rings through the darkness of induced sleep. The fog of yesterday clinging to the present day. It has no hold, it has no sway, just a whiff of ancient smells. See, hear, feel, know what has changed, know what has always been. Searching for…

Before Darkness

promises sleep and dreams are suffocated by Ambien death becomes a play told in three acts my favorite part is the end.

3 – Before Darkness

A lifetime of thoughts happens In the minutes, sometimes hours Before I close my eyes The worlds that never were, But might be – if I write them down The morning after, or even now If I reach for the notebook by the bed The…

Silence Falls

  Silence falls tonight, my eyes unable to see my lovely silver orb of light. I see no heavens, no earth, no beacons of light, shining from millions of miles away in the celestial seas of unknown delights.   So many unknowns I’ve dreamt about,…

Beautiful Sleep

Awake . . .  My eye are open My mind is still sleeping; In a way. I want to go back to sleep; Still I am here… Creating… Not very well . . I’d venture, right now. This is not my time . . ….


Sleek and liquid as melted chocolate it slips through my cells. Enrobed in delicious delirium, I am an unaware time traveller, prisoner to pieces of yesterday hurling into tomorrow.

Ode to a Bed

Mellow hollow, shaped by time, Safe, familiar, soft and warm. Where I sleep, sit and recline, Dawn to noon, to dusk, to dawn I mostly live inside my head, And leave my body on my bed. Prompt: Sleep Form: Ode