Well, Duck You Too, Buddy (A Tanka Poem, Hour One)

Well, Duck You Too, Buddy!   If my phone were smart, then perhaps autocorrect would have learned by now the proper use of McPoop is only to pass McRib.   (A tanka is a five line poem with the syllable count 5/7/5/7/7. This poem was…

Tyson (A Tanka Poem, Hour Twenty One)

Tyson (Yes, he was a Boxer!)   My gentle giant, Ninety pounds of fun and fur, You kept me laughing. Your silly smile soothed my soul. You left pawprints on my heart.                          …


permitted to seep into the wound, the saline stings; afterwards, the bleeding ceases, breath released – it is a sigh of relief  


The morning sun shines Sky is golden with blue hues Leaves dance in the wind Summer days are always hot Summer nights are for kissing

#12 – Finale

bittersweet ending wounds bled deep in healing form words poured out like rain blood and water flowing down mixing and taking new shape

#5 – Miracle

tiny little hands ten toes curl then open slow a sweet yawn escapes my heart overflows with love at the miracle i made