#19 Missouri Blues

It will be 2045 before a solar eclipse comes to me when I am eighty-four. The closest place I can see it now is Liberty, Missouri.   Five and a half hours straight north.   Missouri has just been put on high travel alert by…


Emotional moon eclipse the light fandango and soften the glow

#18 Circus Acts

I never liked the lions or the trainer cracking his whip Maybe it was because they were too scary I think it’s because I sensed the violence. I never liked the elephants riding the ladies around in their feathers Maybe it was because they were too…

Intimate Dinner

Away from the crowd Where it’s quiet, my love Let’s share this moment In candlelight, my love Just me and you at this table for two Shut out the world’s sights and sound Let’s enjoy our love jj2017


Would someone please help me find my keys?  I’ve looked in the living room, dining room, and on the kitchen sink. I have checked the bedroom, refrigerator, everywhere that I could think. Asked the dog, his head said no Asked the cat, but, well you know…

#16 Piglet’s Musings

And I like it very much when things are quiet when people are quiet mostly. And I find it hard to stay in control of my thoughts when my thoughts end up controlling me. And I daresay it is very nice when friends call when…

15. Forging of Thor

Ode to the Norse god Bitter wind whips cloaks and furs as the riders crest the final hill. A fist rises. A signal to hold. Horses wicker, a restless hoof stomps, Words, guttural, soothing and then the wind again. Below, a village, quiet, silent even….

#15 Taino God

El Yunque peak in Puerto Rico is the mythological dwelling of Yúcahu   Yúcahu watches over the Taino people from his throne deep in the rainforest called El Yunque. He watches over the Taino people who were conquered by the Spaniards but who rise again. God of…

#14 Tomato Talk

  Tomatoes in jars with elbow pasta, basil, and nuts chopped up in omelets and chili and gazpacho, drizzled with olive oil and liberally salted. Children pick them from the vines in the evening and juice runs down their dirty chins.