Hours have flown by, minutes have crawled There’s only one thing to do: Take up the pen, get writing again The warm-up’s done, so now follow through Somehow, between four, and six-thirty, I blinked, and the clock hands jumped. Get writing again, take up the…


Hello, shopkeeper, I’m just dropping in I’d like to return this please, And here’s the slip of my buy-in.   It’s something I bought, When it and I were still new- Everyone clamored for one, So I thought I had to get one too.  …

I Wish (Hour Nine)

I Wish   I wish I was an artist So that everyone could see The beauty and the heartache That dwell inside of me   I wish I was a singer So that everyone could hear My tragedies and triumphs My anxieties and fear  …

Ideal Reader

My ideal reader must like Tamora Pierce, Terry Pratchett, And Josephine Tey Though I don’t write magic, Or comedy, or mystery; yet These are my best fit. I think my audience will be small.   Form and prompt: Write a sevenling.

Hour 6

I wait outside the door I listen to the sobs inside The door is locked, I cannot come in Let me in, baby girl Let me say it will be alright

Hour 5

A red brick facade, a┬ástately double door Curios adorning the walls, crystal chandeliers shining down The warm glow from the fireplace with armchairs completing the look The open, inviting kitchen where meals are cooked with love The cozy library in the corner with a hundred…

Hour 4

The baby is asleep Now is her time To take a nap Take a shower Cook a meal Do the laundry Eat hot food Read a book Watch a show Call a friend Wash my hair The list goes on She can’t get up She…

Giving Birth (Tricube, Hour Three)

Giving Birth   the blank page stares at me mockingly   breathe, push, fight concentrate come on, write!   pen to page words flow free POETRY!     (Tricube rules: three syllables per line, three lines per stanza, three stanzas per poem)

Hour 3

It’s easy to miss Those little things Lost in our busy world We often cannot see The squirrel on a tree Bright eyed, busy tailed Foraging all around Busy with its own existence And I wonder in bewilderment How are we all that different?

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