Hour 15, Prompt 15 – Flighty

You have a curious way with flights

without fail 

a laptop is left behind at security

we are too late and 

the flight has to be rescheduled

or the time with the tornado

that made our detour trip impossible

and, somehow, always on the way

to visit your family?


I’m sorry,

you can put your earbuds back in now

I’ll stop reminding you…

Oh! And there was that one time

when we were almost sleepless

in the Seattle airport and

I was two seconds away from a meltdown

until a Buddhist monk floated by


and I felt everything go sideways


just for a second


as if his peace pulled it all back


darning the frayed edges


scattering the anxiety


and the frustration


replacing it with the joy of flight


the peace of weightlessness




They announced your name

looked at each other wide-eyed

we ran down the concourse

at the gate, they let us board


And buckling our safety belts

I recall the dense grey clouds


by the time we reached altitude


there was 







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