There once was a writer from Dayton

Who wrote despite ALL of her cats

She’d like to relax~~

She’s RUN OUT of snacks!!!

Her last poem is now done ’til next year ❤️


i’m trying to write

so many cats on my lap

harder than you think


T owards the

E nd of her life

N early bereft of love

D eep in thought with

E veryone around her

R emembering suddenly

N obody

E ver really left her alone

S he realized

S he had had love all along


eyes shaped like almonds

she wished they were bigger

and round like her sister’s


both brown eyed girls

just like their mother’s

who wished hers were darker

like when she was younger


all seen through the eyes

of the next generation

with nothing but love

now isn’t that amazing?


“Echo Husband”


when we were young

your love was so loud

the older we got

how it faded away

though still together

after all of these years

whispers of your heart

i can hardly hear


my favorite city

in all of the world

smells like exhaust


very old buildings

blackened with soot

still charming


giant gold clock

towers high

with four faces


my favorite statue

of horses

nearby on a bridge


i once sat upon

a base of bronze lions

one two three four


i laughed feeding pigeons

loved watching them soar

fell into a river


(shoulda let go of the oar!)




Smashed up against others

So crowded it scared me

Then a flash above me

Begat more just like thunder

My heart how it pounded

And filled me with joy

Didn’t know the kid in me

Was laughing so loudly

Smiles stretch my bright face

Shiny with happy tears

Bridge beneath my feet

Shaking with each explosion

Ashes fall stinging

But I do not feel them

Ears full of ringing

Sky flowers so sparkly

They light up my eyes

Birthday of my Country

(Who keeps touching my butt?!)


if you sank your fangs

into my cold dead soul

and made me immortal

would you be sorry?


“Because I Can”


always there for me

ever since I’ve known you


when I trusted you most

you broke my heart worst


ran away

my mean ghost


until you missed me

i worry you will do it again


my foolish heart

(why do you keep hurting me?)




I Want You Now

Like I needed you then…


Fire races between us

When we are skin to skin..


So deep inside me

I yearn in pain…


Only you can fill me

Make me whole again…


So far away

So close to my heart…


How can I live

With us so far apart?

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