Sanctity in Shadow 2 – Hour 24

Permanent and shifting,

Perpetually transfiguring in the dimn of night,

Contrite in the radiance of day.

My dormant gloom occupy’s the Shadow

Judges from its sanctity.

Its there I will indulge relief,

Reverence and absolution await the awakening.

Sancity of Shadow – Hour 23

He dances with my solemn self.

Replete and content to bide his time.

Watchful and waiting as a silhouette,

Severity in carried hibernation.

The slumber always ends with the ritualistic,

The greater offer of an unwilling supplicant.

Righteous Red, title of a song he ochestrates,

Waving his unseen hand in silence,  justified indignation of immoral flesh.

Dark intentions will coalesce, with the intangible stare that seethes within.

A shade of murk that fixes itself to me.

Chaos Form – Hour 22

I am shadow in the darkness, In its emptiness reborn.

I am absence of all actuality,

Of everything living, I am scorn.

I am the obtainable nothing,

Reality shakes, becomes forlorn.

I am the first born. Embrace my emptiness,

Rejoice in all, be forewarned.

Chaos Bound – Hour 21

He there when existence began reality’s sonata.

Resonant in its authority and importance in a bid to obtain affirming stigmata.

Resounding lives ever fail to perceive the clarity of oblivion.

Oblivious to the purity of the void’s song, sung in hell’s season.

He was the overture of this so called living pièce de résistance”.

Chaos wrought creation and it is in this anarchy he sings his opus.

Chaos real – hour 20

Eternity. The orchestra of an insidious being.

A manifestation born of an insipid creation.

Mortals desperate to match the melody of forever.

Unable to manifest the nature of seeing.

That they could ever grasp a predetermination.

The magnitude of the symphony’s endeavour.

Diabolical Night – Hour 19

Diabolical, the night. Mist in the void.

Yet, there is clarity under its parasol,

Beauty in its sincerity, and rest.

Diabolical, daylight, an empty chasm.

Filthy in its mire, cold under its burn,

Hideous in its lies, and unrest.

White Chapel – Horror 18

Your power of seduction shadowed by utter deceit and vindictive ploy.

To shatter a deathly heart, your emotional reward. Playful with them, agony’s toy.

But why such vile conspiracy…to what ends do you embark. What vile techniques you employ.

Night Dance – Hour 17

Dancing in the softest of macabres’ melodies.

Revelling in our unison of ever revolving step.

Always in tune with the dark whispers of the night…

Callous Desire – Hour 16

An essence of life,

Accepted on the heels of the prurient.

Beyond Redemption’s entreaties,

Bound by our callous desire.

Cravings temporarily satiated,

Credence of your body.

Deliverance of your soul,

Diabolically you recieve me.

Union of the sacred and profane.

Offerings – Hour 15

Submission in death, Eternity’s undying promise,

That is where my wintry embrace lays.

Ever expectant in savagery and solace,

Sanctified life is no comparison to my offering.

A tithe of; pleasure, pain, desire… ecstasy,

Accession to hearts softening.



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