Hour 12 – Gatherings

Hour 12 – Gatherings


Its normally takes place on a Saturday

usually bright and early,

A skirl of the pipe chanter,

the hum of the drones,

the crisp sound of the drums.

If you look around you’ll find

a sea of different tartan kilts.

friendly familiar faces over the years,

pipers and drummers together

a special gathering.

Hour 10 – Love (Haiku)

Hour 10 – Love (Haiku)


No matter your race,

religion, culture or sex,

love should always win


Two hearts together,

neither one will be perfect,

as one, love prevails


This world is cruel

loving with our hearts will help

heal, meaning Loves wins

Hour 9 – Kit Kat

Hour 9 – Kit Kat


I always wondered why the man

with the camera would stand

in various weather conditions.


It wasn’t until he sat down

out come the Pandas on roller-skates

then I put two and two together


To not hear pandas on roller-skates

either his hearing was bad or a really noisy eater.

It’s a hilarious advert though.


So, when you’re at the zoo

leave the camera on then

have a break, have your Kit Kat too!



Hour 8 – Journey

Hour 8 – Journey


I would walk to the end of the world with you

I don’t know where it starts or where it ends.


Any time of day or night, I’d be ready

even if we got stuck along the way

all we’d have to do is ask for help,


I reckon it would be a fun journey

plenty of ups and down along the way


Even the thought of it lifts my heart

journals filled with our adventures


Lead the way, I’ve got your back

I would walk to the end of the world with you


I reckon it would be a fun journey

as many places as possible to cover

I can visualise your bright smile even now


However, should my journey end before yours

leave me there, don’t forget me!


Hour 7 – Pinky Promise!

Hour 7 – Pinky Promise!


People say pinky promises are childish

I say does the inner child ever leave?

Nothing is ever worth breaking it

Know I’m a man of my word

You have my word


Pictured as evidence

Rosie sends hers too

Over the last few years, we’ve kept everyone

Making it a friendship worth having

Ignore what people say

Stay true to your word

Everyone will know then.

Hour 6 – If Only

Hour 6 – If Only


I know you miss me

you need to know

I look over you

following you were you go


i hear your prayers too

even though you skip mass,

You have kept the band going

in which I’m very happy


one day we’ll talk again

you still have much time

be the best you can be

remember, I’m very proud

Hour 5 – Friendship

Hour 5 – Friendship


The space in front of the great Oak tree

was right for Laura and Tanya.

There they laid the blanket, resting

as they emptied their Picnic box.


Cheddar cheese and crackers,

two wine glasses, generously poured.

laughing and enjoying each others company

it felt like time had stood still.


As they packed up to leave,Β a sunflower appeared.

“positivity, strength and admiration” Laura said

smiling Tanya accepted the flower answering

“here’s to friendship”



Hour 4 – Haiku in 100 years


Hour 4 – Haiku in 100 years time

🌞 🫣 🌌
🌧 πŸ™
πŸŒ† πŸŒ…



The sun hides at night

rain clouds cover the city

City sun rises

Prompt 3 – The Smile

Hour 3 – The Smile


he stood listening to the beautiful music

played by Cello’s in the Park

With the crowd clapping and swaying in time,

he smiled at the woman passing by.


smiling back, she extends her arm

shy, he mouths “I’m no dancer”

“follow me and keep smiling” she says

1234, off they go in hold to the joyful beat.


The crowd clap, sway and cheer for the dancers

he forgets about everything, caught in the moment

a hop, a skip, a twirl, her dress extends fully

her perfectly extended arm folds, rejoining the hold


The Cello’s slow the piece down, then stop,

he smiles, she laughs as they separate and bow

the applauding audience wants more

as she walks away, looking back, he still smiles.


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