prompt #8: emoji poem

Heart like a bloodred bomb ~


Oh love, oh love, oh red-blooded cliché

you are captain of my shipwrecked heart

Striped hep cats may burn like fire

in the jazzy night, but you? You burn

like cold cold ice, like nitrogen & glycerin

like a bomb, oh love oh love.


You are the bell tolling, that cracked

old bell of freedom from this island

we are cast upon. I want another ship,

captain. Death stalks us like a ninja,

and I want to go home.


But love oh love, oh bloodred love

you will not abandon ship. The ghost

of something dark beneath the sea

haunts you, and you will not jump.

You halt, you dance in ice cold fury.

You are the bomb,  my love. The bomb.

2 thoughts on “prompt #8: emoji poem

  1. This is REALLY great! When I got to: Death stalks us like a ninja / and I want to go home, I literally laughed out loud, but the laugh didn’t remove me from the narrative you were building, it made it more personal, the way sometimes you’re laughing because it’s not funny but you don’t know what else to do? anyways, great job!

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