Poem 24: Endure

Keep the fire burning, As the cold winds blow. Shoulder the blades, That tear at your dreams. Hope is yours to keep.

Stardust is Made of Cheese

“Stardust is made of cheese asleep in its own shoes,” my mind repeats, hoping for a little of each. Sleep first. That glorious time when movies and music play, and I, the star, am the hero hoping for a resolution. Then cheese, and showers, and…

To Grendel

Grendel was a monster That’s what they say Claws, fur, teeth Attacking and killing And showing no pity An anachronism In a quiet community Something that disturbed And challenged every person So why… as I grow older Do I identify more with the monster?

Hour 24- Sturdy – Image Prompt

Sturdy Sometimes all that’s left To round things out When thinking fast or slow Is the study of the oldest art A sleep perchance to dream To dream and wake refreshed Our body feeling well and strong Sturdy, balanced, ready to face doubt.


Creation invites expression- connection- a place of communion, an exploration of self. I like having you near me just doing your own thing. You are one of my favorite beings in all of creation.


I am not depressed Nor am I starved for attention Maybe a bit for affection But it is not the worst I’m starting to wonder though Will I never find a partner?

Prompt 22 Cravings

  Cravings Craved by all the lost the hurt the sad the scared the lonely the bored the angry the uncertain craved by all the grieving the abandoned the worried the aged and the young tenderness give us all some to heal to soothe to…

#24- Sunshine

Sunshine yellow, bright smiles Under the warmth of the perfect blue sky Never a dull day, never black or grey She was a pocket full of happiness Humming to herself, a skip in her step If you saw her, you would smile too No chance…

His Tenderness Abounds /prompt 22/6am

It’s through His tenderness that we, Learn to love unconditionally He leads us by His divine example His patience unwavering and ample If nothing more we get to be Sinners that repent for His glory. Come one come all you’ll be relieved His arms are…

Stardust (2022 Poem 24)

Stardust You loved that song I had forgotten Until this moment Now my heart aches You loved daisies too I will not forget again I would carve it all into my palms Before I too am Stardust (Prompt: Write a poem that starts and ends…