A Balad to Thrūd

Immortal beauty.

Warrior goddess with hair of gold and eyes of sapphire.

Her shield arm is strong,

her sword arm is sure.

Her eyes are keen,

her aim is true.

Lovely and deadly Thrūd,

we lift our praise to thee.

Shine upon us in our hour of need.

Besiege thy mighty father on our behalf.

Lead us to arms,

as the tide rises high.

Have pity on a lowly man,

too feeble to stand for his own.

Have mercy mighty goddess of beauty and strength.

Aid me in my hour of need.

Raise my feeble strength and low cunning,

that I might sit at they father’s table.

Even just to serve in the All-Father’s mighty halls of feasting,

is more honor than I deserve.

Hear my plea.

Answer my cry.

Your humble servant awaits.

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