How High?

When you have high standards, hardly anything seems good enough.

When you have my standards, even the way I breathe sucks.

My nose sounds like an emergency whistle when I inhale.

My dishes look like Barney took a big purple dump on the plate.

My cakes don’t look level enough for me.

When you have my standards, even compliments come with the back thought of “Do they really mean it?”

Every time punch is riddled with the questions…..

What didn’t I accomplish?

Was that chicken cooked enough?

Did I clean the kitchen well enough?

the answer….:


What you didn’t you accomplish?

Try everything you set out for!

Was that chicken cooked well enough?

No! That person is going to die and you will be fired.

Did I clean the kitchen well enough?

you can’t be clean!

Your food is abysmal, your plating looks too bland and boring.

Everything needs to be perfect and spotless!

You must learn everything new in a quick manner because you are not worth the effort or time!

There is no room for error, because everyone else is superior and you have to be perfect just to stay afloat!

I think I may need to lower the bar….



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