Renewing Old Oak Tree (a triple haiku)

Twisted and knotted,

standing tall against the sky,

reaching toward the light.


Age paints its signs on

the gnarled canvas of branches,

time’s silent witness.


Despite years gone by,

green leaves bud and bloom each spring,

bringing youth again.

Life Expedition

Send me on a journey
to nowhere,
a one-way ticket
out of here.
Home I carry with me,
so it doesn’t matter if I return.
Coming back this way
might be more painful than the leaving.
Knowing not where the path
will take me,
seeking new adventure ahead,
finding fresh roads to walk
can heal a tired and wounded soul.
Time travels with me,
leaving behind distant memories.
Shelter can be found in unexpected places,
where discovered doors
open worlds of possibility,
and welcome a weary wanderer.



No noisy chaos

sounding loudly in the air;

beauty in silence


Her wings float on air

as she flutters here and there,

happy hums, no cares

The Empty Bowls

They sit in a corner,

filled up twice a day,

the sound of food and water

making the metal ping happily,

bringing canine joy

in the form of wagging tail,

shiny puppy-dog eyes,

and kisses of furry gratefulness.

Sight and sound of sweet dog

snuffling as she eats,

lapping up water as she drinks,

is welcome and familiar.

One day, those noises

will go away,

leaving behind only the

lonely empty bowls,

and we will miss their mealtime music.

But for now that song plays on happily

twice a day,

and we love to hear its sounds.

Rice (9th hour prompt)

When I was younger,
Mom always had a pot of rice
ready in the rice cooker.
It was a staple at our house,
born from her Asian background.
Whenever I was hungry,
I could always count
on a hot bowl of rice,
put in a little fish sauce,
or soy sauce,
the savory salty flavor making
the perfect snack.
It was also the basis of many meals,
but there were no complaints –
it was a comfort to have the rice waiting,
always warm and ready –
just like home.

Gym Sweat

Ew…drips down my face,
salty, getting in my eyes,
but at least I try!

Change Better

It doesn’t take much

to feel the sting of the world now.

Too much trauma, violence, sadness,

and personal drama

play out everyday.

Gone are the wholesome

“Beaver”-esque ways of life

because everything has changed.

And change isn’t always bad,

but it is what we make it to be.

Starting with us,

we must lead the charge

to give change the best chance

to be better.


Steady thrumming

hums with a throbbing beat.

Speed up,

slow down,

constant rhythm

makes its own music,

a dance in tune

with the ebbs and flows

of life.


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