They say “an African never reads” [so hide knowledge in a book]”…darken the path, put out the light.
Then watch how the turn of events today making this sound so right

Demo-cracy can be or maybe is a Demon gone crazy
Telling us how “all we human BEANS, should ‘STEW’ well together, so why on earth then did they leave out RICE”?
PAYING our leaders to miss-lead
Plus them never getting it right is a difference between black and white
But they’re beginning to look similar, right?

A blessing or a curse?
Whatever…we already made it worse.
Gifted a Trojan horse, and now we’re still looking for the purse.
Dumbfounded with ‘recycled’ speeches promissory of a future filled with riches.
Still, who cares about present hour needs…right?

Don’t be too quick to answer the question nor too slow to question your answer.

Going around in circles will only create a pattern

But it’s still the same bus stops… there’s nothing new!
So while we wait, care to join me in a game of àyó? One understood by just a few.