Way of the Crown

Ever felt the tender kiss of a sunflower?

Her scent forever bound to remember

It’s soft petals rubbing against your cheek

Swaying to the lyrics in the wind like old lovers

As it were, alone in a field of dreams.

Every whisper, every touch chronicled in your hardback.


Old wine in old wine skin I would never pass.

A rich elixir swirling in a wine glass

A wealth beyond kingdoms promised with every sip

O permit my being a journey through space

Power beckons at the very tip

This world indeed I sure must take.


What about that old timer?

Once fabled to have traveled the world hopping on one foot

Knitting a web of tales for his journey to suit

Pray tell, what I must expect on my journey around the world.


From his satchel unbound echoed words so profound

“If the world it is you must go around

Then the kiss from a sunflower must surely be found

Never forgetting the tales from towns in the clouds

Then riches from the old wine skin might just lead you to the crown”

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