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My Daily Prayer

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June 25, 2022 3:15pm EDT

My daily prayer

a prayer for love

a prayer for joy

a prayer for peace

a prayer for happiness

a prayer for all mankind

a bountiful blessing that will never end.


I pray for my family

I pray for my children

I pray for the children of others

I pray for my neighbors

I pray for my friends

I pray for those that I may never know.

Yet I know they all need my prayers.


I pray for the sick

I pray for the wounded in spirit

I pray for the heart that has been broken

I pray for those without hope

I pray for those who are shattered by grief

unable to face the disappointments that life can bring.

Somehow I know these prayers will bring comfort and peace.

I pray for our government

I pray for war to end

I pray for understanding to increase

I pray for misunderstanding to decrease

I pray for tolerance

a prayer that we will not destroy ourselves

with our own greed, selfishness and narrowness of mind

Yet I know all these things can only come from heaven above.


how marvelous it would be

if we all prayed in real unity.

caring for the needs of our brother

striking the chord of true love for one another.

No more war and no more pain

everybody on the same frequency

the frequency that will lead to world love and harmony.


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