Broken Rose

In the midst of the flower blooms
Finds one wild seed that sewn
Among the elegantly planted and pruned
Was found one thorny stem had grown

Striving on its own
To grow amidst it all
One cold night a winter wind had blown
Leaving all but one to take the fall

Standing on its own
Held strongly by its roots
One wild stem had grown
Taking the time it took

Even through rough weather
It has stood the test of time
Though nothing had harmed a pedal
Look closely to see what you will find

The rain brings tears to cry
As they drop to the ground
Falling not only from the sky
As you see those are teardrops you’ve found

Yet you would not find one tear
Unless you came close to see
Though it has found nothing to fear
It remembers what used to be

After so many seasons passing by
Living the only life it knows
A hand reaches from behind
Then becoming the broken rose

By gentle hands were it taken away
For the reasons it were chose
Love was found that day
Through the life of a broken rose

Captor of Love

Gone are the days that’ve passed us by
No one to retrieve a tear we’ve already cried
Try as we might, scars never heal
Forever is trapped in jaws of steel

Caged behind bars of doubt
From within the body watches the soul without
Captured by his own hand
Time holds fast to its hourglass of sand

Food for the soul is dipped with a dirty spoon
A spider emerges from a black cocoon
The viper lies in a crib where the baby sleeps
I heard a curdling cry no mind conceives

Can you see from the mountain tops now?
How we’ve come so far, where one step is so far down
A prince sets on a throne without a crown
Behind his eyes are skeletons walking around

Craddled between the arms of loving her
The mind is concealed from the thoughts that were
While the wounds drip drops of blood
Seeping through the cracks where once was love

I Love

How you tremble
When I kiss your lips
The way you touch me
With your finger tips

When you smile
How only you do
The look in your eye
When I look at you

Where you touch me
In the center of my soul
What we promised
As we grow old

To take a walk
With your hand in mine
To sit and talk
As time passes by

Watching the sun set
On another day
With only I love you
Left to say

Found and Lost

It seems you left me here on my own
With everyday carrying me further away
You have turned on roads unknown
And lost me somewhere along the way

Direction has no purpose
If you are not why I do what I do
Barely seeing the surface
Of what might have been of me and you

Life is a shadow
Without someone there to fill the void
With you there I would know
Yours is the shadow beside mine in this world

Every kind of past imagined
We have seen between us
If it is us when this path reaches end
Then we shall have lived life with purpose

Yet until you are with me to stay
Nothing shall be fulfilled
Waiting patiently for that day
Because I am in love with you still

Day and Night

Morning has come
As the horizon awakens to greet the sun
Shaking hands like old friends do
Smiling as if they already knew

It seems the day surrounds the sun
Contrary to the beliefs of some
Without the sun we would have no day
Discarding the arguements people display

When the moon will arise
Without it we would still have the night
Its given us as a guide
Along with the stars that adorn the sky

Yes and the sun shall rise again
With yet another Hello to an old friend
Smiling again as if they knew
Another day starts with the thought of you

Oh blessed I am with you in my life
The only thing better is with you by my side
And the sun saddens as it falls out of sight
To let me dream about you tonight

A Knight’s Promise

There is much yet to explore
Vast expansions of the beyond
Somewhere it is out there, what I am looking for
My enemies are at every turn, still I push on

All around me I see a void
Where blocks of time stood still
I stand in the midst of the destroyed
Gazing upon what once was real

I have found no other dream so near
As I stand beside myself and see
After it all the reasons are still unclear
Why my dreams have fallen beside me

I see all around me there is nothing
Nothing that can consume me so
So much that I feel the passion it brings
Brought by the only passion I know

To fight as a warrior has become all I know
I shall remember I have given my word
I will search until I find her soul
Then shall her captor fall by the edge of my sword

Her Decision

Water an orris and so it grows
While the petals wilt on a forgotten rose
Left alone the cold wind blows
He cries a tear and no one knows

The mountains sing to the starry sky
Tonight turns to day in a matter of time
So fades the nights rythm and rhyme
Today has no mountain for him to climb

Looking at the ocean he sees
How calm the commotion could be
Still the waves crash up and down
As they thrash against the bow

His choice to stay ashore has past forever
As so her storm must be weathered
He must choose to dance her tide
If he is to see her peaceful side

Answering his hopes with never
She claims his vessel forever
Leaving him every sense of purpose denied
To swim in this ocean he cried

The Warrior

A warrior shaped by the jagged edge of time
Weathered by so many seasons of surviving
Fighting battle after battle only to find
He has survived today still breathing

Cold winter months capture his breath at its realease
Exhaling as he climbs the mountain side
His mountain, for here is his home among the trees
Arms of rock and hands of steel with steps of pride

He moves effortlessly through the forest
With every stride hurrying him onward
Legs of endurance put to the test
Passing by with the feet of a leapord

The snow is whiter that any could imagine
An image of a man is seen in the distance
He moves with the stripes of a tiger
His will as the heart of a bear

With the pride of a lion
He moves as the shadow of a panther
With the strength of many men
He closes in to tend to matters

The Table of Life

At the table of life
Set before us are corses in turn
We trim away the loss with our knife
And eat spices that tend to burn

We all have our forks in the road
And greedy fingers in others pies
We scoop our dessert alamode
While we shew away the flies

Choose your dish with thought
Important to note the manner of food
Carried away not living as we ought
So we nourish in the manner we should

Thankful for the necessities we may have
And the hands that help us prepare
Within affection finds a smile at last
As we honor another by the forethought we share

Who could forget our glass filled with drink
Remember to watch it closely and keep it near
Its easier to spill than you think
Then what would you use to toast good cheer?

Be careful within this main course of life
For not to dip in with a dirty spoon
And watchful of the days that cut like a knife
That you be not dead inside while life still blooms


High it seems
Goals we’ve set
By no means
Have we reached them yet
Hills to climb
Thoughts to conquer
To fall behind
Events may alter
Tender are the times
That have yet to come
Law of love is power divine
Is a sigh to some
It is is within you
Never be the one to forget
You can see them through,
The goals you’ve set