The Warrior

A warrior shaped by the jagged edge of time
Weathered by so many seasons of surviving
Fighting battle after battle only to find
He has survived today still breathing

Cold winter months capture his breath at its realease
Exhaling as he climbs the mountain side
His mountain, for here is his home among the trees
Arms of rock and hands of steel with steps of pride

He moves effortlessly through the forest
With every stride hurrying him onward
Legs of endurance put to the test
Passing by with the feet of a leapord

The snow is whiter that any could imagine
An image of a man is seen in the distance
He moves with the stripes of a tiger
His will as the heart of a bear

With the pride of a lion
He moves as the shadow of a panther
With the strength of many men
He closes in to tend to matters

One thought on “The Warrior

  1. “with the strength of many men…” we do have such heroes in our everyday lives, sometimes within us, sadly we don’t realize it or appreciate them. The rhyme scheme magnifies this warrior.

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