I think I never saw anything else, I mean,

I only saw islands,


Until I saw the sea.


(The dividing-definer of islands;

Does an island exist w/o its definition?

Does a sound exist if no one hears a tree fall in the forest?)


a 360-degree aquatic surround

and a certain geological dimension.


(Curtail the efforts to undo the importance of islands,

As in,

No man is an island, and so on…)

Islands are important.


Islands require hard work to understand, I think,

(there’s the hurdle of the first person plural)


We are,


always separate,

With a surround defining us,

Us needing it to be otherwise, while its not,

for this: The bell tolls for thee and so on….

And other reasons.


For example, without Islands, what use Love?

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