Better and Better

Things will only get better and better

as you spend time cultivating the possibilities.

improvement is always

on the next horizon

ready to reveal

her worthiness for the task at hand.


Things will only get better and better

the more you do them

the better things will be.

Don’t wrestle with the should haves

of life because they always stay the same.


Things will get better and better

I know I’ve been told.

Practice always makes perfect,

when you establish a good goal.

There’s no need to doubt or second guess


better can be found.


Just look deep inside your soul

where grace and mercy  can be found.


Debra A. K. Thompson

My Feet

My feet fit my body

They fit just the right way.

they are just the right size.

toes and heel

they make their stand

they don’t have to work

for anyone else, but me.


they are my feet and I’m glad they are mine.


My feet can carry me

where ever I want to go.

On a stroll in the park

down the hall in the mall

across the meadow green.

it doesn’t matter where I want to go.

My feet may complain

but at the end of the day

they are my feet

and I love them just the same.


Debra A. K. Thompson


Cool as a breeze.

Cool as frost bite on your nose and feet.

Cool as a warm spring day hiding from the sun

Cool as something so awesome that makes you grin

because it’s so much fun to be cool.


Life is cool.

Love is cool.

Even rules can be cooL

It’s just cool to be cool.

who ever made the word for cool, had to be cool.


trying to stay cool on a hot summer day

enjoying the cool breeze on a beach far away

it’s just cool to be included with the cool


Making your own way is cool.

I do know one thing about cool,

I’m glad I’m included with the cool.



What Will You Do?

What will you do if nobody recognizes you?

Will you become offended and ready to give up?

How will you act if your name isn’t called?

The hurt and pain feels so real,

yet, in the scheme of things

it’s not important at all.


What would you do if everything was a lie?

and the reality you know

doesn’t resemble anything you remember?

Would you try to hide your disappointment

or just let it go?

what would you do

if friendships were lost

because of an oversight caused by the realities of life?

Skewing your perspective

While making everything look the same.

when in reality,

it was just an easy way to cast blame.


offenses will come

Of this you can be sure.

if you spend your time being offended

there’s not much point to living

if the harshness of life

you can’t endure.

Just the power to hold on

as you learn to endure.


No matter how you slice it

and no matter how you dice it

when it’s all said and done

what you do with

what you know

may determine

what you will do

As you grow.


Debra A. K. Thompson


Some memories are wonderful

they remind you of what use to be.

memories can transport you to a different time and place

recapturing the glory of days gone by.


Sometimes it’s good for memories to fade

especially those we would prefer to forget.

Hiding in the shadows and the recesses of our minds

spectors of experiences long since forgotten.


Debra A. K. Thompson





The Passing of Time

Time is passing

can you feel how quickly it moves?

It’s going by so fast

it’s like a whirlwind that never stops

the days are almost running into one another like a train wreck ready to happen.


Time has no favorites

it doesn’t care if you are ready

it makes no exceptions to any rule

time is just time regardless of your name. or social standing

whether you are rich or poor time won’t make an exception.


Time is not a color

Time is not a race

time knows how to abide in just the right place

it doesn’t belong to any special group of people

time reigns in the realm of eternity.

Day or night, time is just time.


Some people waste time.

Some people disregard time.

some people never have enough time

Time can’t be captured in a bottle

time knows no bounds

it exists to be used and abused by those without a clue.

Time is just time.

My Daily Prayer

My daily prayer

a prayer for love

a prayer for joy

a prayer for peace

a prayer for happiness

a prayer for all mankind

a bountiful blessing that will never end.


I pray for my family

I pray for my children

I pray for the children of others

I pray for my neighbors

I pray for my friends

I pray for those that I may never know.

Yet I know they all need my prayers.


I pray for the sick

I pray for the wounded in spirit

I pray for the heart that has been broken

I pray for those without hope

I pray for those who are shattered by grief

unable to face the disappointments that life can bring.

Somehow I know these prayers will bring comfort and peace.

I pray for our government

I pray for war to end

I pray for understanding to increase

I pray for misunderstanding to decrease

I pray for tolerance

a prayer that we will not destroy ourselves

with our own greed, selfishness and narrowness of mind

Yet I know all these things can only come from heaven above.


how marvelous it would be

if we all prayed in real unity.

caring for the needs of our brother

striking the chord of true love for one another.

No more war and no more pain

everybody on the same frequency

the frequency that will lead to world love and harmony.



Sisters are God’s gift to the world.

They are there when you need a friend.

A common heritage that can never be changed.

It matters not the age or the lack of a common interest.

The mere fact that a sister provides a link

to the past and to the future will give comfort in dry times.



Sisters can share secrets.

secrets that no one else need know.

Secrets of life, secrets of love.

Secrets of days gone by.

The closeness that may sometimes fail,

but need not fail

when you remember you share the same DNA.

DNA won’t make you alike,

but it’s the knowing that women share

that makes us part of the kindred spirit of sisters.

Music of the Heart

The world is full of music.

The music of the heart

It sounds with each beat.

The rhythm of life it steadily keeps.

A heart of music; a melody blend.

The pulse of each vein

that mixes  with time and breath.


tap, tap, tap goes the beat.

The sounds that penetrate

and permeate the ears.

something that rests in the soul

the beauty and the magnitude

that draws us to the primitive call

of love long since forgotten.


Music of the heart

is like a babbling brook

with a gentleness

only music can give.

ebbing in an easy fashion.

penetrating the soul

as it courses through the veins.

All sounds don’t blend

to make a concerto so sweet,

but from the discord

other sounds escape

to claim their rightful place.


The falling of a rock on dry crusted land,

or the belch of a volcanos roar.

All blend together

to make a melody

of unparalleled magnificence

that only the heart can discern.


Music that will stir the emotions;

settles the fears;

calms the mind

as it relaxes the spirit

Nothing else can soothe like

the sound of music.

the music of the heart.


What is life if you don’t have friends?

friends are people who share a common bond;

the bonds of life and common things

like the fall of leaves and the smell of grass.

shared ideas and a likeness unencumbered

by barriers of race, creed or color.


Friends lead to friendships

a kinship like no other.

The ability to laugh, to talk and to share

the commonalities that make us all

the same, but different in so many likable ways.

It’s hard to imagine life without a friend.


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