Hour 5: Upside down pyramids

Enter the long-abandoned house

and you might feel an urge

to run. As if you had invaded

a sacred space.

Outer rooms are a disaster of dust and mouse droppings.

The inner room is like a pyramid of preservation.

The odor, like decaying cheddar cheese, slaps your nose,

you remember that mummies had no brains.

The sight of oak hardback chairs with

carefully cushioned seat covers,

each donned with fading sunflowers

assails your eyes.

The previous occupant had abandoned a tan, suede satchel

full of knitting needles, Propped precariously

on the floor near abandoned wine.

Hour 4: Gun Futures

Teacher: Class, Class listen up.  Today’s lesson will be about what has become known as the anti-gun movement in American History.

Teacher: Who can tell me how it began?

Eduardo:  It began with guns.

Josephina:  Not just guns.  Guns and drugs, Maestra

Jesus:  No es verdad.  Uvalde, Senora

Teacher:  Yes, yes, pero, Que paso?

Maria:  What is a gun, Maestra?

Teacher:  I will show you a picture, Maria

Hour 3 Rods and Cones

They say each human has

6 to 7 million cones in their eyes

helps to discern colors.

But the difference of a million seems tremendous

So, what if everything that we see and claim as truth

is not?

Hour 2 To Robert Frost

“My little horse must think it queer”*

to see the big deer standing so near

At this hour no other stake

was guarded like a great keepsake.


But when the buck tilted his prongs

then one could see what lingers here

The grass so filled the stream and blake

It hid a tiny spotted fawn, not quite awake.


The eyes of the buck fixed still on mine

We stood our ground and passed the time.

I whispered in the breeze so light

Don’t quake my friend, I will not cause you heartache.


Inspired by Robert Frost https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/42891/stopping-by-woods-on-a-snowy-evening

Thinking in Paradox Hour 1

I am thinking of how to let go

and I am thinking of how to hold on.

I am thinking about how to move forward

and how to keep from slipping back.

I am thinking about a definition of success

while perseverating on failure.

I am wondering where the road leads

and where to find respite.

I am believing in a sweet form of happiness,

without the conflict of now.

I am thinking about deception in opposition

to lies.

I am thinking about how less might give me



Very excited to try something new!

Deann Bucher

Louisville, Colorado, USA