Peace is seeing natural light through a window pane.


Her loves saves me time and time again whenever I feel like giving up she always reels me in.


I knew what I had to do so I put on my dancing shoes and I danced the night away.


Let’s keep fighting for a better tomorrow.


The wind ran to the forest looking for answers, it found the trees, who began to sing, and the leaves revealed the ghosts spirits dancing like the druids from the days of old. A voice whispered and echoed ,come to me when when the chaos is to much to bare, just come and rest your weary head for awhile


The only way to have peace is to coexist with the storm.


You’ve never gave up on me, a love everlasting, that I’m truly grateful for.


The world right before my eyes now they seem to laugh and tell all sorts of lies, it isn’t gentle anymore. Stand alone. Don’t conform, don’t fade away, an option for everyone. I will not be a fool. Open for everyone to explore. Make a difference


Along winding road

lost myself to find my way

I see better days

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