Hour 24 (2022)- Hope


It is the belief that keeps us going
It gives us strength to carry on
A small word with so much power
It can usher in the dawn.
It puts one foot in front of the other
Aiding you to cope
With anything life throws at you
Just remember to have


Hour 23 (2022)- Brave New World

Every year we have this one day
Twenty-four hours where we come to play
We write, we stress, we get little sleep
As we compose all our poems
Some silly, some deep.
We have camaraderie with our fellow mates
We keep each other busy, and finally awake.
With bleary eyes we write, and write some more
And finally as our fingers start to curl
We rejoice to be living in this brave new world.

Hour 22 (2022)- Be Human, Be Kind

A mothers hand as it touches her child
A partner’s smile as they look at you
A gentle stroke on a puppies head
All forms of tenderness.
Bringing a meal to sick friend in need
Giving a ride to someone you know
Grabbing groceries for an elderly acquaintance
All forms of tenderness.
Be human, be kind, be gentle
Be the friend you would want to have
Give unto others as you are able
Show that form of tenderness.

Hour 19 (2022)- City of Domes

Iridescent domes rise up into the sky
If you could stand outside them
A wonder you would see inside.

Terraced homes line the outer walls
With green plants growing down
From sturdy walls and planters
Oxygenating this strange town.

Along the floor down below the homes
A tranquil rivers runs right through
Providing a subtle swish of water
To calmly inspire you.

As you move through the twisting streets
You will find shops and stores galore
The residents saunters leisurely
Their shoes silent on the floor.

The placid conversations you sense
A susurration fills your ears
Of people living life in this city
That has lasted for many years.

Hour 18 (2022)- Last Day of School

All dressed up in their finest
Ruffled dresses and sweet bow ties
Shiny faces
Good behaviours, what a surprise!

They sat in their seats for circle time
Parents watching on with pride
They sang their songs with vigour
And showed off their skills, never cried.

Our precious little people
Who we have worked for this whole year
With joy in our eyes as we said our goodbyes
I’ll admit we did shed a tear.

Hour 17 (2022)- Rainy Surprise

Stormy clouds fill the sky
I look and run for cover
Rain begins to fall
And I wait….
I wait….
And wait some more.

After the deluge is done
I retreat from my shelter
I glance at the skies
And I stare….
I gasp…..
Then I run.

A rainbow fills the sky
The end is quite near
I make my way towards it
I walk faster….
And faster….
As fast as I can.

In the distance I spy
A shine of brilliant gold
I peer even closer
And take a step….
A step nearer….
And another step.

As I creep closer
I see a flash of green
With a startled breath
I tilt my head….
I widen my eyes….
I shout “A-ha!”

A leprechaun stands before me
His hands holding the pot of gold.
Before I could run to grab him.

Hour 16 (2022)- Anything But That

There’s many a heart that’s been filled with joy
And many the hearts that have broken
With sweet uttered words and a kind touch
And a tone that is gentle when spoken.

I would go to the ends of the earth for your love
I would meet you wherever you ask
I would hold your hand with a feeling of pride
In the warmth of your love I would bask.

There are so many things in this world I would do
To make the most of this gift from above
But to let you lick my cheek, my ire would peak
What would I do for love?

Hour 15 (2022)- Ghost Leaves

Ghost leaves stirring on the trees
Shifting in the gentle breeze.
A brittle reminder before the freeze
Of the winter that is to come.

Early in the year they were green
Bright and vibrant, oh so clean
Shimmering with a fragile sheen
Pristine in spring.


As fall creeped in they slowly turned
Lazily, not so concerned
Losing their colour they had learned
Turning into ghost leaves.

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