MINCED ABCS (hour 12, 2017)

A botched time you arrived, isn’t it?

Been around the corners, have you?

Curving the ball, winning the game.

Don’t get all blousey on me, mate.

Enough teabags for a lifetime.

Fount off!

Go slow or be swayed.

How about coming up to where you can’t see me sometime?

I solemnly do sweat.

Just dud it.

Know the child, knock the knees.
Live strange!

Mean gulls never get the road kill.

Not in this death.

Out of sight, out of Miami.

Peace to meet you.

Quest for the mess.

Rest assayed.

Slow down – computers sleeping.

Top of the iceberg, to you.

Uppity yours.

Very bumpy move, dude.

Way to leave.

X is a spot with four corners.

You don’t whisper.

Zoos on us!


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