The Hallway of Life

“A long corridor,

Filled with doors aplenty,

Each door hides a different room to enter,

And a new world to explore,

You shan’t return from a room,

But further explore till the end of the great hallway is reached,

But till then the search for the best door continues.”

The Jungle

“Lush and green,

Thriving with life,

The resilience of nature,

Fully shown,

In all its majesty,

But a single spark,

Of human greed,

Sets the once thriving forest ablaze.

The deer and tiger run together,

Fleeing this once placid land,

Of a balanced scale,

That was tipped by the extra ounce of human greed,

The forest now comes crashing to the ground,

The wildlife is butchered and so is the forest,

As the insatiable greed of the human grows,

And sick twisted laughter from the pleasure of profit,

Echo through the jungle.”

Atop the snowy mountain peaks

“Atop the snowy mountain peaks,

The chilly wind rustles through my coat,

As I embrace myself to keep warm;

There lay a white world in front of me,

Snowy peaks and fluffy clouds.

The setting sun blinds my vision,

As I look through the intense sky;

Uninterrupted was my peace,

Atop the snowy mountain peaks.”

War for Ukraine

“Planes flying overhead,

Bombs exploding in the air,

Sirens blaring through the city.

Fear gripping your body,

Knowing what’s to come,

You run and hide,

But no matter where you hide,

Or where you run,

These experiences haunt you for life.

Escaping out of your country,

To lands unknown,

As refugees anew,

Trauma and scars refusing to leave you,

Years from your time in Ukraine.”

The Kitchen Ship

“The salivating aroma of the kitchen,

Is unique and beautiful.

A world of flavor and spice packed into sense,

Scents that make you yearn to taste,

Foods with such a lovely aroma must have a lovely taste.

My grandmother at the helm of the kitchen,

Like a captain aboard their ship,

Sailing across the seven seas of taste, and inspiration.

Soups and and meatballs,

And foods galore,

A feast for the eyes,

And a feast for the mouth;

A divine luxury, 

Loyal to few.”


“It bursts into flame,

And extinguishes its life,

Leaving behind nothing but ashes,

Only for life to be reignited,

Like a cold candle.

This is the story,

And great irony,

Of the beautiful phoenix and life.”

Too good to be true…

“Fancy labels and plastic smiles,

Too good to be true,

Are these new pair of shoes,

Design cliches and marketing lies,

That fooled me thrice,

And will again;

Offers and brand deals,

And celebrity endorsements,

All to sell a cheap bottle of perfume.

They are indeed too good to be true.”



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