Hour 12. Captain’s Log (A sonnet)


Leafing through the pages of the Captain’s log

of meandering voyages through sea and sand

in the dusk’s fading hours relaxing inland

looking for glimmering light through dense fog.


Assessing the gains and losses of time,

skirmishes won and tough battles lost,

straggling at last through the winning post,

realized in the end that life was a mime.


Agonies endless had been many a score,

ecstasies have been not less but more.

Countless have I shed bushels of tears,

have been haunted by numerous endless fears.

Yet , happily do I set down this song

counting seconds ticking till the final GONG !

Hour 11. Atlas Shrugged

Getting something for nothing is the norm of the day/
Each one wants to win, who then will pay for it?
Burden of many rests on a few sturdy shoulders/
How long will these Atlases keep the world up?
Orwell’s bulls are shedding blood, sweat and tears/
The more equal pigs are laughing away to the bank/
Not for long will this state last
The bleeding giant soon will shrug
The world will roll and may be will land in an equitable universe.

Hour 10: Hard Days Ahead

Hard Days Ahead

World now is a hard place to live/
Vanished has the courtesy from man to man/
Law and order is a forgotten word/
Gun toting goons crush young buds under their feet/
War rages on unabated in civilized world
Thorns abound and where are the roses?
Collapsing are the family values
Harshness is ruling the roost
Tenderness isn’t legal tender anymore

Hour 9. The Equalizer

Here comes the monsoon to Mumbai in the west coast/
It comes down in torrents and sheets/
Out come the umbrellas of various hues/
Women in colorful ones matching their raincoats/
Men in sombre black umbrellas befitting their stature/
Umbrella is status blind, indispensable to rich and poor alike.

8. Books for the Beginners

When you are tired of treading the beaten path/
When day after day dawns and dies the same way/
When the material world appears ephemeral/
When the values you cherished backbite you/
When the mind-sea is churned by turbulent winds/
‘Tis time to enter a new kindergarten.
Give your life a second start.
The books for beginners are simple and few in number.
Mercy, compassion and self-introspection/
are the shining beacons that will light your way.

Hour 7. Alakapuri


Nestled in the snowclad Himalayas
The capital of Kubera(1), the celestial treasurer
Alakapuri the seat of riches.

Golden chariots with silver wheels slipping on
Roads paved with sandalwood veneers
Curbs studded with precious stones.

Celestial dames dressed gossamer silks
Peeping out of mansions built with multicolor marbles
And twinkling diamonds shine like sequins on a blue chiffon.

Dark blue lakes and lotus ponds
Simmering in sunshine issuing rainbows
This marvel of a city indeed a jewel in the crown.


  1.  Yakshas are mischievous nature spirits, somewhat akin to elves.
  2.  Kubera is the Lord of the Yakshas, elder brother of Ravana

Hour 5. Redemption

The faithful sentinels of Lord Vishnu(1) Jaya and Vijaya/
Once when guarding his chamber denied entry to four wise rishis(2)./
Enraged the wise men damned them to human incarnation/

Moved by the repentance of the delinquents/
Rishis offered redemption after seven births as Lord’s servants/
Or after three as monstrous enemies of the Lord.
Devoted as they were to their master they chose to be villains and faster return thereby.

As three sets of villains(3) in three eons did they vigorously oppose Vishnu/
Slayed each time by the very hands of their revered savant/                                          Finally in the dwapara yuga did they return to their abode.

Resplendent after their baptism by fire
Restored to their past glory
Thus were the monsters redeemed.


1. Vishnu, one of the Hindu Trinity along with Brahma and Vishnu.

2. Ever youthful sages, Sanaka kumara, Sanatana kumara, Sanandana kumara and Sanat kumara
3.a) Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu in the Satya yuga (eon)
b) Ravana and Kumbakarna in Treta yuga
c) Sishupala and Dantavaktra in Dwapara yuga

Hour 4: To my Final Resting Place

All my life I have been a bee of endless activity/
Never was there a miniscule period of passivity/
As I child turned over, crawled, walked in no time/
Grew up to be an adult as clocks endlessly did chime.

Got onto a hamsters wheel pedaling without an end/
Ignoring the desperate pleas that my near and dear did send/
Money money was the only mantra that I chanted/
Didn’t stop even when I had all that I ever wanted.

I have now grown old, feeble and tired/
My neurons suddenly seem to be differently wired/
My life been a long course of studies with little knowing/
Now my inner soul, after serious contemplation, tell me, ” where am I going?”

Hour 3: My Favorite Poison

  • Well ripened banana peeled and split in halves

Placed on either shores of a plastic boat

In between are placed three scoopfuls

Of mouth-watering icecream

Strawberry with maple syrup topped with maple nuts

Pistachio with caramel sauce and sprinkles

Chocolate with chocolate sauce and Brazil nuts

Oh, that brings my salivary glands into feverish activity

Alas! I am an incurable diabetic!!