Not another angry black woman

If I March for justice

That makes me nothing less than human

If I demand the police beheld accountable

I am nothing more than human

If I bang on doors and ask all my neighbors to sign the petition

I am nothing less than human

And if a man calls out for his mom as the air is squeezed forever from his lungs and the life goes out from his eyes

I am nothing more than a roaring mama bear

You’d expect no less action or behaviour on my part if it were your child left in my care.

I wasn’t there, but my heart ached just the same

And I knew exactly on whom to place blame.

But you took one look at me

And with not much more than a passing oncepver type of glance

You labeled me just another angry black woman

And shoved me out the back door.

But let me assure you, I am nothing more

Than human

And us humans will one day even up the score.

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