11pm. Poem 21 Running

11pm. Poem 21


Running from the flames
they lept into the cool blue
of Front Street ocean
into the smoke covered sea
with all the others running.

10pm. Poem 20 Mornings with Lucy

10pm. Poem 20

Mornings with Lucy

She comes to me at first alarm
laying her head on my breast
settling in tummy to tummy

She makes biscuits
and closes her eyes
to heal me with her rhythmic purr.

She is my morning.
She is the start of each day.
She is why I can do what I do.
When so much is uncertain
she is my constant.
She is my love.

8pm. Poem 18 Fireghosts

8pm. Poem 18


They will stay.
Their smoke will scent
freshly painted buildings
their footprints will sink
into the sand
where no one else has been
their sighs will sing out at sunset.

They will gather under her.
They gather there now
under and on her.
They will tell the story
of fire and destruction
to reef fish and minah birds
who have yet to be born
and to tourists
who will soon return.

Their voices will be everywhere
unmistakable and clear.
They will be woven
into the kapa
of new Lahainatown.

7pm. Poem 17. Kaleidoscope (a four stanza tanka)

7pm. Poem 17.

Kaleidoscope (a four stanza tanka)

Lemme shimmy down
get a better view from there 
or a different one
than I’ve been holding fast to
a lighter one than lately.

Lemme turn the wheel
look for fish shapes, Moons, and Suns
and pink, rough cat tongues
hanging from triangular
blue and purple kitten heads.

Lemme see through shards
of wildly vibrant glass shapes.
Let them form tall trees
and lighted backed sharp prisms
to set me back on my path.

Lemme skry my tales
of futures to remember
of plans made before
coming here to live them out,
how my new roads will wind down.

6pm. Poem 16. Aloha Kakou (a letter poem prompt)

6pm. Poem 16.

Aloha Kakou (a letter poem prompt)

Aloha Kakou,
It’s been 25 days since you had to go. We’ve found some of you who left from land, but none of you who went into the ocean and did not come out. I hope we find you all so your bodies can be laid to rest, and your families and friends can begin to heal.

I hope that this letter finds you peaceful and possibly in a place to lay down your excruciating passings. I hope that some of the good and beautiful after life stories are true, and that you are experiencing all of them.

The world is grieving your leaving. We here at home mourn you silently with every step we take. It is still unbelievable that you are all gone.

Please know we are taking of those you had to leave here. They are safe and clothed and fed. They are still fire shocked, but they are safe.

I hope this gets to all of you. I will write again when I know more.

Me ke aloha nui loa, pumehana,
Your Maui ‘Ohana 🌺

P.S. forgot to tell you… the Banyon Tree has tiny new budding leaves! She is going to survive! If you get the chance, pop over and see for yourselves!

We miss you terribly!

A hui hou e malama pono over there! 🩷

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