On my epitaph what will be there?
Day I night I cry for it
for I know what will be there.
Though I work for the best word
but what is yet to come
Is very still untrue.
What will be the word of remembrance?
Did I just exist or u live?
I can’t say about it Until I’ve gone
I wonder what people shal talk about it
My epitaph,I know not what will be there and the memory I’ll leave behind.

Fire Burning

The keep fire of desire burning,
refuel it day and night
and never let it run out of fire.
When there is will
there will surely be way.
Let your passion grow everyday
and keep moving with determination
When these are kept in place.
be ready to be welcomed to hall of fame.
Focus like an eagle
purse your dream as a lion does,
And run after it like a cheetah.

Be strong.

Welcome to real life,
A place of no mercy.
Welcome to world of challenge
A palace of “all alone”

Nobody is there for help,
nobody willing come to rescue.
Nobody rest assured tcome to save
nobody is anywhere so be strong
for every man is busy with his own battle.


Without wings,yet it dreams of flight.
Without proboscis yet nectar is always on its mind,
Praying silently for transformation.
How it wishes time comes for new life.
Caterpillar in the tree, wondering about its dream.
Days after days,here come thy wings.
be out of tree and live thy dreams.


Maybe love don’t care as much as I do,
Can two walk together unless they agree?
If I and love are meant to walk different path,
how long shall I stress myself to convince her to keep my company.

Every night.

Every night I’m being seduced away by your smooth beautiful face ,
and caressing it in my hands is my only heart desire.

Holding you when everywhere is silent I always crave for,
for touching you gives me utmost joy.

I’ve tried holding something else nothing can replace you
for only you give me best feeling of companion without complain every night.

What if?

Where do we go from here?
I ask does heaven truly exist up there?
What happens after death?
Anything beyond people bringing us wreath?
What if neither heaven nor hell exist?
How much shall I deny myself freedom before I exit?

In your eyes.

In your eyes I can see the paradise of heaven widely opened,
how beautiful the corridor of paradise is.
Those eyes seduce me to come closer to you
and have the feeling of paradise right at your side.
Looking into them every second
I desire I can be with you forever,
having access to the heaven that has its foundation in your eyes.

Seek no glory.

Seek no glory when you live,
For you will surely find it when you leave.
Trouble yourself not for fame,
After your departure everyone will know your name.

Speak less of yourself to your fellow men,
When you are gone you will be known among women.
Death is a town crier,
Raising his voice higher.
Seek not to be recognized by others,
You will surely be known when you obey death’s order.

Not my wish.

Not my wish to be here,
guess what? Here I am without my intention
so I crave for where I left to be here.

If coming is for me to choose,
I doubt If I’d be around here.
I’m here already, what is done can’t be undone.

He that sent me has confidence in me for the assignment set before,
so I have to be at my assignment
before I hear my last crow.

No escaping, yeah sure
and I don’t wish to be here one more time.
Thus, I have to be at my assignment day and night
knowing that once I’m done, no coming back for any reason.