20: Tranquility

Image prompt:

I like being here with you,
under the canopy of palm trees.
Listening to the waves,
dozing off to sleep.

The sweet smell of flowers,
fill our bodies.
How tranquil it is,
being here with you.

19: Esfahan

Prompt: “There are so many nature poems out there. Our prompt for this hour of the night is to write a poem for a city, real or imagined.”

This city is known as:
Half of the world.
With its historic beauty and wonder,
it’ll leave you in awe.

Humans walked this city for thousands of years,
leaving behind artifacts, palaces, geometric architecture,
and grand boulevards.
You can see half the world in this city.

A city I call home,

18: The gift of health

Prompt: “Write a poem about a moment of joy.”

in the intricacies of life,
and the web of outcomes,
you were chosen,
for such delightful news.

a gift of health,
a tumour vanished,
a second chance,
let’s rejoice!

end of the tunnel reached,
so brightly lit,
where joy re-lives.

17: Basilisk’s inner thoughts

Prompt: “Write a poem that involves a mythical monster in some capacity, whether it’s as a side character, a prop, a villain or even the protagonist”

I am just a misunderstood creature,
a deadly stare they say,
but I can not help it.

born this way,
I am doomed to be feared.

My mother left me before I was born,
maybe her karma is on me,
to suffer the consequences for eternity.

16: Was saying goodbye

Prompt: “Write a poem with the last line being a question and the answer being the title.”

No amount of saying sorry,
will soothe your broken heart.

Hands sweating,
mind racing,
rip off the bandage,
it must be done.

A loss
for the best,
time to move on.

And when people ask me,
what was the hardest thing I’ve done?

15: A cunning disguise

Prompt: “Write a poem about someone or something you have a lust for”

First, it was lust,
In the dust of the past.
All it took was a glance,
and there in my dreams, you danced.

Forbidden feelings,
you got me reeling.
How could I say no?
I stooped too low.

Overlooked everything,
it was your body I was worshipping.
Forgot to see behind the mask,
I drank from your poisoned flask.

14: A duality of morality

Prompt: “Tell me an old story (like a folktale from your culture, a fairytale you heard when you were young or a story passed down in your family). You can give it your own twist as well.”

A duality of morality
two angels
one good
one bad

sitting on either shoulder
telling me how I should act

Are these angels best friends?

Good cannot exist without bad
Destined to be separated for eternity
by the human shoulders
they must always stand

13: Turbulence

Prompt: “Write a poem about a time when something really bad happened…that later turned out to be a good thing.”

Your absence burnt a hole into my heart,
I couldn’t understand,
your lack of empathy.

Days and weeks go by,
a once sunny time
turned to bleak sadness.

As full moons made their monthly presence,
you made me realise the most fundamental truth:
I deserved better.

Thank you for letting me go,
most importantly,
I’m grateful, I let you go.

Now, the sun is shining again.

12: Unification of the soul

Prompt: “Write about gathering with others. The specifics are up to you.”

Unification of the soul,
sharing of a story,
our hearts are whole,
to connect is a glory.

A sense of belonging,
a soul’s translater,
for a longing,
to be part of something greater.

11: It’s who you are

Prompt: “Write a poem about laughter without ever using the words, laugh, laughter, or giggle.”

Being funny comes naturally to you.
A day never goes by that I don’t chuckle.

Sometimes, I can’t breathe,
gasping for air,
holding my belly,
an eruption waiting to happen.

Such happiness dwells,
I forget about everything else,
seeing your smile,
makes my day.

Being funny comes naturally to you…
never stop making me chuckle.