2022 Introduction: Erin Lorandos

Hi, fellow marathoners! My name is Erin and this will be my second year participating in The Poetry Marathon! I am committed to the half, but we’ll see – maybe I have some extra words in me this year… 😉 I write mostly free verse and found poetry. I am also interested in fiction. I love challenges like this! I’m looking forward to this year’s prompts!

One thought on “2022 Introduction: Erin Lorandos

  1. It’s my first time iam in for half which according to my time zone if my calculations is correct will start at 1500hrs and end 0300hrs. From experience what can you advise and iam also still having issues understand the WordPress, yesterday i tried to write my introduction and it disappeared when i tried to preview it up to now i don’t know where it is, it happened two times,
    Also arrange the words the way i want is difficult, iam a fun of white space when writing

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