The Russian arms are bought with gold smuggled through Spain, over the Pyrenees mountains.

Our comrades are of the utmost importance. Heil Hitler.

We know that common jealousies are of secondary importance to fear. We know that capitalist schemes feast on fascist supplies. We know that the front line of vanguard revolutionary defense is for ourselves as much as for them…

7 months later goldman meets rocker at anarchist gatherings

It was then I saw the treacherous critics playing their parts leaving me searching for a place to bury actual facts. Leaving me looking to protect us all from condemnation at the hands of disastrous collaboration.

Can you say you ALWAYS remain truthful to your ideas?

Can you say you PROMISE to understand our indignation perfectly?

Can you say you WILLINGLY breach your principles?

The human struggle is on fire. The last war was for the purpose of ending war. Historical anarchist movements seek to liberate women. Emancipate our pussies. Cultural and political concerns are inseparable.

… those were naïve days when there was still hope. like babes in woods we were dreaming of all the work we could accomplish. it was all so long ago …

I have a hunch that the comrades will support the war. But, I will not be deceived by this. I will not be blinded alongside the masses as their useless slogans strengthen imperialism. I am inclined to believe I stand alone in my protest. I reiterate more than ever my opposition.

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