The warmth creeps into your bones
You feel safe, secure, you are home
Yoh lie in your bed made of softness
You are so comfortable, weightless and thoughtless

The pages of the book you are reading becomes unfocused and unclear
You already know the end of the day is near
But still you desperately try to stay awake
Trying to buy five more minutes away from your drowsy ache

Suddenly the words you were reading turns into unrelated pictures
But you are familiar with this feeling of haziness and fuzziness mixtures
With heavy hands you turn off the light
Knowing full well that this is the end of your night

Will you even awake again, nobody knows
Because nobody truly knows what the next holds
So finally you succumb to the dark
With this world, your soul shall part

So now you fall more and more deep
Until your entire body has been overtaken by sleep

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