2022 #12 – Drum

Beating, pounding…
Thump… Thump…

Rhythm, cadence…
Thump… Thump…

Constant even sound…
Thump… Thump…

Steady flow…
Thump… Thump…

Moving through the body…
Thump… Thump…

Pumping, pushing…
Thump… Thump…

My heart beating…
For you…
Thump… Thump…

2022 #11 – Her Laughter

The sound from
you I love.

Every time I hear
it, my heart smiles.

It will never
grow old.

The first thing
I fell in love with.

I will do anything
to hear that sound.

2022 #10 – Skeleton Key

Lost, but found.
Dead inside, now alive.

Feelings asleep,
walled inside.

Kept safe from
things harmful.

Along she comes.
A key in hand.

Fear swells, as
she unlocks the
doors one by one.

Where did the
key come from?

How did she
end up with it?

A key forged of
love and trust.

A key specific to
my doors.

As the final
door opens,
a glimpse of
the key reveals
its origins.

I made that key.
I buried that key.

She found it.
Dug it up and
upon touching
the key was
granted its use.

Given the power
of its use.
Power of the
Skeleton key.

2022 #9 – Garden Walks

Long walks through
the gardens.

Holding hands.
Stopping to smell
the roses.

Sneaking a kiss
every possible chance.
More than one perhaps…

Gazing into your eyes.
Seeing the love and
affection deep in your soul.

Hugs, to feel you
closer to me.
To be closer to you.

Your smile,
brightening the
darkest of days.

A laugh so adorable,
it melts the hearts
of all who hear it.

Melting my heart..

2022 #8 – Known

To be known…

Living life as
no one.

So lonely…

To die as
a nobody.

A prisoner of

Mistakes long lost.
Never to be remembered.

Claimed by no one.
Visited by many.

Known only as

2022 #7 – Conversation With Mom

I miss you…

     I know…

Why did you leave so early?

     I didn’t. I left right
     when I was intended to.

I still needed you.
Still need you.

     I am not far.
     I will not ever be far.

Deep down I know that.

     Good it’s the truth.
     I will always be with you.

How do I communicate
with you?

     You know the answers
     to all the questions.
     You know more than you
     think you do.

Do I?

     Yes, you have
     always known.
     You just needed

I suppose that
is true.
I still miss
our talks.

     I miss them too.
     We are talking now.

In a manner of
speaking I guess.
I better go for now.
I am sure we will
talk again soon.

     I hope so.

2022 #6 – Perspective

Perspective, what a thing.

A poem written
during a dark time.

Read by most,
a glimpse into the darkness.

Given to a child,
darkness becomes humor.

Laughter, not sadness.

Smiles, not frowns.

Perspective, what an odd thing.

2022 #5 – Window

A window to the soul.

Home is where
happiness abides.

Inside you can
see family.

Gathered, sharing
time and stories.

Laughter, smiles, and
good times.

A window, a view port
into the contents inside.

2022 #4 – Rotting

Old, broken, and dilapidated.
Once upon a time,
producing beautiful music.

Now just a run down
memory of a past time.

A time long lost
and forgotten.

Barely a glimpse
of better times.

Left behind to
rot away to nothing.

All alone.

2022 #3 – My Love

Love, safety, warmth,
being with someone you love.

Happiness, content, passion,
dancing in the kitchen.

Glimmer, soulful, soft,
looking into your eyes.

Wonderful, amazing, calming,
spending time looking at your face.

Seeing the future we
have in store.

I love you with
all my heart.

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