Start Your Engines

When there's a prompt that is entirely image-based, it'd be helpful for any blind or visually impaired participants to have a brief textual description of what is being shown in the photographs. An image called photo-1490823853387-09b84ca6227e doesn't make for a great jumping off point! So for this hour I've written an off-prompt piece, relating to participating in the Poetry Marathon 2017 :)

This poem is inspired by NASCAR, which I didn't get chance to go to when I lived Stateside (though we drove past the Talladega circuit in Alabama quite frequently. I did go to a stock car racing event in Birmingham, AL, at which Emerson Fittipaldi's daughter started the race :)

Start Your Engines

Gentlemen, Start. Your. Engines.
People, pay attention.

Mark your trail with rubber.
Digest your hourly prompt.

Foot to the floor, round and round and round and round
Pen to paper, finger to keyboard. Weave your words, dodge flying punctuation.

Pitstop crew wipe bugs from the screen

Wipe sleep from your eyes

Change the tires, fill up on petrol.

Drink tea, coffee or absinthe.

First hour down, only 3 more to go.
First hour down, only 24 to go.

This poem is sponsored by Monster Energy,
All proceeds to be donated to the 2017 Poetry Marathon.

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