Medieval couture

The finest samite, for royals to adorn

My hands interweave the golden lace

I’m adorned to lesser degree

An accessory for her highness





Don’t think about it

Don’t think about it

Don’t you dare think about the pain

Hold the pose


Just a little bit…


But the discomfort

The discomfort!

Get me out of here…someone…anyone?

Disdainfully waiting

How much longer will this take

My lips are strained

My tummy aches

I have more important things to do

Than sitting here with you

Haughty taughty

Tis wonder if there’s ham over there, perhaps a quail,

I’ll gobble it down tooth and nail,

This gown is weighing me down,

Turning my glorious smile into a frown

How I wish for a servant or two or three,

to place themselves under thy knee


My auntie Francesca,
Grammy carried you, 9 months,
You were born,
They wouldn’t let her see you,
Hours later you were gone,
Was it Thalidomide? A 1960s child,
A hole in our family we never speak of,
Shaping our lives in ways we don’t fully understand,
Years of depression,
Stiff upper lip,
A good friend let us know, after she had past,
My grandmother never let you out of her mind


I heard you would sneak candies to my mom when my grandmother wasn’t looking,
Gentle and kind,
You were in your 40s when you had my Poppa, so we thought,
It was you two against the world for so long, once your husband past,
My poppa only 14,
Your only child,
He was your everything,
Thank you for being his mom, helping him become the man he was

Great Grammy G

Met you once, but I can’t remember,
Though your legacy lives on,
Switching tickets that would have taken us to Australia,
Leaving the war to visit your family,
Lying about your age to get a job,
I often think of you when I’m scared,
If they don’t like you, they can “pee up a rope”, you would say,
Sometimes to hell with the rules, you need to create your own path


We only found out about you a few years back,
A family we didn’t know we had,
How painful it must have been to let him go,
Your sweet, clever, handsome little boy,
So many questions we’ll never have the answers to,
So close, yet so far,
Were you there that day when his adopted mother past?
You can find peace,
Your boy was so loved, he had a family, he had a good life


Boundless creativity coming from you,
Always onto the next thing,
ADHD personified,
A helicopter pilot, I think not,
But I love your
Lieutenant Dan Three is Company sketches,
Weird little mice you created from felt,
Doodles of your pug,
The mask you learned how to sew,
Whatever it is, you can do,
The ultimate creator


Genes formed in a combination, creating you,
A time capsule of our ancestors,
Your grandmother’s chin,
Your mother’s eyes,
Curious like your great Poppa,
Determined like your great Grammy,
Silly like your Auntie,
You hold your breath just like your father, grandma and great nana when you’re mad,
Your joyful laughter fills the room just like your great Grandmother’s used to,
A piece of all of us, but together uniquely you