Momentous Moment

Momentous Moment

Long hours of preparation
The competitive exam,
The application process,
And after, not knowing
Not daring to guess
Whether I’ve done as well as I thought.
As well as I ought–
After the long hours of study.

Pitting myself against
Unseen forces
Hoping I’ll get
Into University
With my chosen courses.

The ping of my laptop
Heart thudding to a stop
The fumbling finger
Scrolling down to linger
On the one word– “Accepted” !!
On to the “What you are expected
To send in…”

That one moment of pure joy
When fear gets lost
In what seems like the distant past
The moment that I savor most
Touching that longed-for goal post,
Not even the moment after
When the thrill has dissolved in laughter,
But that exact moment of acceptance
Is the height of exuberance.

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