T-Minus 30 years & Counting

Fuck! I’m fucking tired of this world that we’ve been stuck in

I swear to all that’s holy that before the day I die

If I don’t see some worthwhile change

I’ll choose to end my darkened days

By marching to the capital and

Setting my own skin ablaze

Cause at this point, all I

Can say is fuck, Fuck

FuCk, goddamnit,


The Moon Bridge

The first time that I read you, I was 7.

I thought it was just a book about two friends

because I didn’t know what racism was.

I want to go back to that feeling.

Not because I want to forget that racism

Is real…


But because it should not still exist today.


So you like a little light mixed with your deepest dark desires

Tell me more, my darling, for I only aim to please

Tell me all the ways you’d like this evening to transpire

Tell me all the ways to make you buckle at the knees


I’ll follow to the letter the instructions you so give

Commit to memory every pore upon your skin

And if you wish, my lover, I’ll spend hours of my time

Making each and every curve along your body into mine


I’ll be patient as the bee who’s turning nectar into gold

Awaiting every droplet till the honey starts to flow

As gentle as the river oh so slightly changing course

As the dam is ever rising down the bend and building force


Allowing you to bask within an ever climbing pressure

Appreciate the moment and bathing in your pleasure

I’ll lead you into waters as of yet remain unchartered

And make your deepest fantasies just a little darker

Please Do Not Perceive Me

I don’t fancy being perceived

As bottled femininity

So it threw me off my guard

When you ask me what I carry

An umbrella in summer Paris for

With not a cloud in sight

I pretend I felt a raindrop

Instead of saying it’s a parasol

Woodland Gnome Bisexual

If yesterday you’d asked me

What type of gay am I

I’d tell you in an instant

I’m a woodland cottage bi


I’d like to live out all my days

Foraging for mushrooms

To cook in all sorts of ways

After giving baby boops to


I’d wander through the forest

Pick some berries, double back

Hidden in the trees like

A ninja lumberjack


But honestly, I’d rather

You just throw the cottage out

Let me live beneath the trees

Until my days run out


A pillow and a mattress

Lying on the forest floor

The breeze as my alarm clock

The skyline as my door

Akureyri, Iceland

So sweet a population

So innocent a town

So beautiful a people

That linger all around


So darling a community

That has these little hearts

Written in the stop lights

To tell you when to stop & start

Living Large

I read if I should die aloud

Middle of the circle

The pain of which I hoped and prayed

Would not be universal


Talking little girl and lilies

Talking please just let me die

Those with happy childhoods

Need never apply


And when confronted with the truth

Confronted with the story

Never have I ever felt a high

With so much glory


It will forever be a favorite moment

Faced with all the facts

When my mentor heard my poem and

Very nearly shat his slacks

monsters v. Monsters

I have always been the one to say

That darkness is a friendly

The foe is when the lights show

Daytime monsters never ending


The monster in your closet?

Don’t you worry, they’re an ally

The boogeyman?

She’s nothing but a guardian goddamn fairie


The darkness is a blessing

The shadows are your safe space

The light is when reality begins to play the game

Real life Monsters always want you

To memorize their face

Yes, We Can

about that text I sent last night

ignore it

it’s a draft

I was drunk and it was late

and I hit send too fast

I didn’t mean to tell you

I mean I did, but in the end

you knew I loved you long ago

and now we can’t pretend

it’s out there

now I’ve said the thing

for far too long ignored

can we really act like

it just doesn’t matter anymore?


Book the room card ending in

Some crevice of The Alpine Inn


Make sure to get 2 double beds

One for sleeping, one for sex


Pack us something light to eat

You’re gonna need your energy


Lots of water on location

For fending off the dehydration


Don’t worry, it won’t all be sweat

But it will get very wet


Possibly enough for you

To have a side effect or two


If we’re lucky you may manage

To forget the English language


Hope the bathroom counter holds

As all of my plans unfold


Leave the maid a hefty tip

For ruining all the things we did


For nearly breaking down the door

And soaking through the carpet floor


Expect a call about the madness

And the state of that poor mattress


I’m sure you know the adage

Leave not a stone undamaged


I’ll drain you physically and mentally

But goddamn what a memory


We’ll cancel that one card of mine

To avoid the crazy fine


So go ahead book the room

Starting Friday afternoon

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